Eco-friendly wastewater treatment solution

SUDrain provides innovative wastewater treatment from eco-friendly biological filter extracted from recycling coconut waste. It can be used for the treatment of industrial organic wastewater, domestic sewage, ammonia-nitrogen wastewater. Our vision is to improve the living conditions of our society. 

SUDrain Solution


Lab-scale experiments and including wastewater treatment Modelling

Coconut fibre show potential as natural biofilm supports in wastewater treatment over a wide range of organic loading rate and wastewater strength.

Preconstruction Planning

Design planning wastewater treatment system We work with a wide range of stakeholders, including SMEs, public institutions, NGOs and donors that are interested in wastewater technology to improve public health and protect the environment.



Construction wastewater treatments system for target customers such as SMEs and housing estate, school, hospital etc., also provides consulting design and supervision services 

Testing and analysis 

Monitoring and evaluation of the system by sampling and analysis characteristics of wastewater to ensure wastewater quality discharge before and after treatment. 


Training and supervising the local operator to operate and maintain wastewater treatment systems. An expert team will supervise during critical times (levelling, leakage test, pipe fitting, and test flow).

Target customers



Circular design process 

Save time 

We design wastewater treatment systems that are reliable, low-cost and low maintenance which can treat organic wastewater highly efficiency for a level that conforms to international environmental standards. 

Our system can be individually adapted to different effluent and pollution levels; topographical conditions; and the preferences and capabilities of clients.


A power supply is not required if there is enough slope for gravitational flow through the system.

Using the biological filter for treated wastewater from recycled coconut waste 

Our system can be used for 20 years. It just needs to change the coconut filter after 5 years. Then, the coconut waste can be used for another purpose as the composting. 


Simple maintenance 

Affordable price 


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Projects Completed


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Designing wastewater treatment for Hospital wastewater treatment system 

Designing wastewater treatment system for primary school 

Designing wastewater treatment system for small households  

Strategic Partnership 



Provide consultancy to 

Future Partners 



Mr. Borin Ry


Chief Engineer of SUDrain 

Master exchange of Environmental Consultant at BORDA for 10 years
Bachelor of civil engineer at Institute of Technology of Cambodia 

Ms. Thary Vorn 

Co-founder and CEO

Research and development of SUDrain 

Master exchange of Environmental Engineering at TU Delft, Netherlands  

Master degree of Agro-Industry and Environment from ITC

Ms. Bunsamkaneka 

Business development of SUDrain 

Research officer on evaluation research & Climate Chang Project at BBC Action media 

Bachelor of Environmental Science at Royal University of Phnom Penh 

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